Welcome to my new blog

You’re welcome to this, my new blog. I have created this in addition to my Irish language blog at http://www.crosbhealai.blogspot.com, as I have wanted to blog more in English for some time. The beauty of this is that I can blog in English using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking10 software, which converts my voice into text as I dictate. It’s far from perfect, achieving about 92% accuracy. However, with just a little editing, it means I can get my thoughts in text about three times faster than typing. It’s also a lot less labour-intensive!

This is a fora for me to express my views and preoccupations on issues of the day, and undoubtedly you will see a few familiar themes arise.

I would very much welcome your comments on anything that I write, and please feel free to disagree, even virulently (!) with anything I write here.


One thought on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. I enjoyed your piece…a level of introspection and insight not often shown in mainstream commentary. It acknowledges that there is a lot more to being Irish than one particular tradition.

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