Should NI21 organise in the Republic of Ireland?


The website of Open Unionism recently featured an article by Dr John Coulter, who suggested the new unionist party NI21 should “strike out South”, arguing that
“If NI21 is not to join other moderate parties such as the Unionist Party of Northern Ireland and the Irish Nationalist Party in the dustbin of history, it must re-brand itself as an all-island movement.” Dr Coulter states “I have made no secret during my journalistic career of wanting to see Unionism expand beyond the boundaries of Northern Ireland into the South.”

In a response to this article, again kindly hosted by Open Unionism, I argue that Dr Coulter completely fails to take the wishes of his fellow catholic and nationalist citizens north or south into account. Southern voters have no desire to surrender their separate army, diplomatic service and EU and UN seats for the dubious benefits of a latter-day “Home Rule”. My response in full may be read here.


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